By Kim Thanh/ 6 July, 2020

The IP Code, or Ingress Protection Code, IEC standard 60529, sometimes interpreted as International Protection Code, classifies and rates the degree of protection provided by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures against intrusion, dust, accidental contact, and water. It is published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The equivalent European standard is EN 60529.

By Kim Thanh/ 6 May, 2020

This switchboard still retains the basic function and structure of the normal distribution board includes the powder coating enclosure, busbar, fuse, aptomat…The difference from the conventional distribution board is the replacement of the branch rod with BB-Kit, which helps to minimize the process and save maintenance and installation time.

By monamedia/ 7 February, 2020

Electricity was first used in Indochina in the late 1870s to set up a telegraphic network, but it took another two decades to develop coal-fired steam generators which could function efficiently in the tropical climate and provide sufficient power for street lighting.

By Kim Thanh/ 29 November, 2019

You may use vSpace Pro 11 for free if all of your compatible NComputing devices were manufactured after January 1st, 2015.

If you have older devices you must comply with one of the following conditions:

By Kim Thanh/ 16 September, 2019

According to the US Institure of Lightning Safety: “Surge is one of the leading causes of problems for electrical equipments”. Devices will be turned off suddenly, got fire or worse human damage by surge. Each surge event can destruct up to trillions dong.

By Kim Thanh/ 21 August, 2019

In response to higher labor costs, rising processing costs and various other disadvantages faced by electric panel manufacturers, GDELECS launched the BB-Kit connector system in 1996 that minimizes installation time as well as optimizing maintenance with easier and safer panels.

By Kim Thanh/ 7 August, 2019

The Korea Smart Electric & Energy Week 2019 – KOSEF 2019 combined with ETE VIETNAM EXPO 2019 and ENERTEC took place from July 17-20, 2019, at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center – SECC.