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– The All-New Intercoax ECP-2808RM/2816RM are 19” rack mountable Managed Long Distance Ethernet and PoE over Coax Receiving Switches.
– ECP-2808RM/2816RM are available with 8 or 16 B-Linx(Coax) ports.
– ECP-2808RM/2816RM are capable of connecting more than 8/16 ECP
– Transmitters even with Daisy-Chain connection and also support PoE powered devices such as IP cameras.
– Data rates up to 1Gbps are achievable, making these devices the ideal choice in new or legacy installations where existing coax cable is redeployed as part of an upgrade from Analog to IP cameras.
– ECP-2808RM has built-in 320 Watt power supply and ECP-2816RM has built-in 640 Watt power supply.
– Browser based GUI manages all connected IEEE1901-HPAV standard devices.
– Furthermore, the world first innovative “Intercoax ECP Manager” software allows managing multiple of ECP-2808RM /2816RM remotely from central management office.
– Warranty: 1 year.

▪ Total management software, “Intercoax ECP Manager Full version” included
▪ Friendly Graphic User Interface with EasyView can easily access and monitor multiple ECP-2808RM/2816RM
▪ Configure Join & Unjoin, Changing joining password and power reset of remotely connected devices
▪ Real-time monitoring of power consumption for each port
▪ Multicast Setting with IGMP Query & Report Generator
▪ Port Locking by MAC Addresses
▪ Alarm LED & buzzer built-in switch and notification on ECP Manager
▪ Scheduled event reporting and alert reporting to designative users
▪ Back up & Restore of configuration
▪ 8/16 Port long distance EoC up to 2.4Km
▪ PoE/ PoE+/ Extra PoE up to 60W (PoE++) per B-Linx port
▪ Each port has Auto Power Short Protection. When the cable is being shorted or damaged, it won’t transmit power until the cable is fixed
▪ B-Linx Device Detection will secure the power transmission only to B-Linx devices
▪ 320W / 640W Built-in Power Supply
▪ Built-in crosstalk cancelling technology
▪ B-Linx Multiple Nodes can be used (Daisy Chain, Star, Etc.) on each port
▪ All IEEE1901-HPAV standard EoC devices can be easily connected remotely
▪ 19-inch(1U) rack mountable design
▪ Giga-bit SFP and Copper uplink port
▪ Supports UTP, Telephone (2 Pairs), 2-Wire cable communication (Using BTE Series)
▪ Surge Protection