EUP-2808RM / 2816RM

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– The All-New Intercoax EUP-2808RM/2816RM are 19” rack mountable Managed Long Distance Ethernet and PoE over UTP Receiving Switches.
– EUP-2808RM/2816RM are available with 8 or 16 T-Linx(UTP) ports.
– EUP-2808RM/2816RM are capable of connecting more than 8/16 EUP Transmitters (or use ECP Transmitters with BTE-02) even with Daisy-Chain connection and also support PoE powered devices such as IP cameras.
– Data rates up to 1Gbps are achievable, making these devices the ideal choice in new or legacy installations where existing UTP cable is re-deployed as part of an upgrade from Analog to IP cameras.
– EUP-2808RM has built-in 320 Watt power supply and EUP-2816RM has built in 640 Watt power supply. PoE up to 60W per port is available.
– Browser based GUI manages all connected IEEE1901-HPAV standard devices.
– Furthermore, the world first innovative “Intercoax ECP Manager” software allows managing multiple of EUP-2808RM /2816RM remotely from central management office.
– Warranty: 1 year.

▪ Total management software, “Intercoax ECP Manager Full version” included
▪ Friendly Graphic User Interface with EasyView can easily access and monitor multiple EUP-2808RM/2816RM
▪ Configure Join & Unjoin, Changing joining password and power reset of remotely connected devices
▪ Real-time monitoring of power consumption for each port
▪ Multicast Setting with IGMP Query & Report Generator
▪ Port Locking by MAC Addresses
▪ Alarm LED & buzzer built-in switch and notification on ECP Manager
▪ Scheduled event reporting and alert reporting to designative users
▪ Back up & Restore of configuration
▪ 8/16 Port long distance up to 1.2Km
▪ PoE/ PoE+/ Extra PoE up to 60W (PoE++) per T-Linx port
▪ Each port has Auto Power Short Protection. When the cable is being shorted or damaged, it won’t transmit power until the cable is fixed
▪ T-Linx Device Detection will secure the power transmission only to T-Linx devices
▪ 320W / 640W Built-in Power Supply
▪ Built-in crosstalk cancelling technology
▪ T-Linx Multiple Nodes can be used (Daisy Chain, Star, Etc.) on each port
▪ All IEEE1901-HPAV standard EoC devices can be easily connected remotely
▪ 19-inch(1U) rack mountable design
▪ Giga-bit SFP and Copper uplink port
▪ Supports UTP, Telephone (2 Pairs), 2-Wire cable communication (Using BTE Series)
▪ Surge Protection