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Basic structure and function of Distribution Board:


The distribution board (also known as panel board, breaker panel, or electric panel) is an indispensable component in any industrial or civil works, from power plants to substations, distribution systems to consumption households. The enclosure is a place that install and protect circuit breakers and controlled devices, where distribute the electricity for the building and ensure isolation of the electrical devices with users during the operation.


Distribution Board


Application: The Distribution Board is usually installed in the technical room of industrial buildings, factories, industrial workshops, commercial centers, apartments…


The basic structure of the Distribution Board includes:

– Powder coating cabinet

– Indicator lights

– Copper bus bar

– Stick branch

– Fuse protected

– Aptomat (CB / MCB / MCCB …)

– Surge protective devices (optional)

– Other sub materials such as wires, ground rods …



What is the Distribution Board using BB-Kit?


This switchboard still retains the basic function and structure of the normal distribution board includes the powder coating enclosure, busbar, fuse, aptomat…The difference from the conventional distribution board is the replacement of the branch rod with BB-Kit, which helps to minimize the process and save maintenance and installation time.


BB-Kit devices are connected to the busbar and components into a closed structure as Lego pieces. It helps prevent short circuits and electrical leakage.



BB-Kit and components are all meet the international standard IEC 61439-1 for electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, durability…The amperage frame up to 1200AF and easily connect to all CB /MCB /MCCB/RCBO…brands in the market such as Schneider, ABB, LS, Fuji, Chint, Mitsubishi…



Manufactured in Korea by GDELECS since 1996, BB-Kit devices have been present in many countries such as Vietnam, Korea, China, Mongolia, Russia, Iraq, Cambodia…



Here are the comparison pictures when using 02 types of electrical cabinets:



After the differences and images listed above, it can be said that the distribution board using BB-Kit is suitable for the investors who have high requirements of aesthetic, the ability to save space, saving the maintenance time and ensuring safety  during long time operation.


This is Aban’s answer to the question “Should copper rods be replaced with BB-Kit in Distribution Board?”

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