By Kieu nguyen/ 21 August, 2019


There are many types of low voltage electrical boards with different functions such as Main Distribution Board (MSB), Distribution Board (DB), Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS), Motor Control Center (MCC)…Most of these electrical boards use copper busbar to connect the main MCB/MCCB and branch CB/MCB/MCCB.


Advantages of using generic cooper busbar, variety of sizes, shapes, materials and conductivity can be customized for all installation types.



Disadvantages of generic copper busbar; complex and labor intensive for installation & maintenance.


Average installation time to produce a single panel board using generic copper busbar can take up to 48 hours. Complex techniques such as copper bar casting, stamping, and drilling are one of the more time consuming processes.


In response to higher labor costs, rising processing costs and various other disadvantages faced by electric panel manufacturers, GDELECS launched the BB-Kit connector system in 1996 that minimizes installation time as well as optimizing maintenance with easier and safer panels.



Advantages of BB-Kit system includes:


– Everything is processed and developed in Korea with the latest industry standards.

– International standard IEC 61439-1 for electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, durability…

– Suitable for all types of electrical panels.

– Amperage frame up to 1200AF.

– Easy to disassemble and reconfigure.

– Connecting the components together into a closed structure helps prevent short circuits and electrical leakage.

– Easily connect to all CB /MCB /MCCB/RCBO…brands in the market such as Schneider, ABB, LS, Fuji, Chint, Mitsubishi…



GDELECS is distributing the BB-Kit system in many different countries such as Vietnam, Korea, China, Mongolia, Russia, Iraq, Cambodia…