Thiết bị chuyển đổi ECP-8301EP/NP

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– ECP-8301 is a High-Speed, long distance Ethernet & PoE extender.
– Transmitting IP data up to 2.4Km and PoE up to 1.2Km through various analog cables in different situations.
– It is cost-effective and time saving solution to migrate existing analog system to IP based system since ECP-8301 supports easy installation utilizing the existing CCTV cable (Coax, UTP, 2wire).
– With long distance transmission feature, the device makes to overcome 100 meters distance limitation easily and reduces the construction cost significantly compared with fiber optic configuration.

▪ Ethernet over coax (UTP, 2-Wire) communication following IEEE1901
▪ Data + Power over Coax (or UTP, 2-wire)
▪ Data distance up to 2.4Km
▪ PoE distance up to 1.2Km
▪ Max. 80Mbps Bandwidth
▪ 10/100 Full Duplex
▪ 128bit AES network encryption
▪ Supports Multi-connection (Daisy chain, Star, etc.)
▪ PoE, PoE+, Extra PoE (Max. 60W output / ECP-8301EP only)
▪ PoE ON/OFF Switch (ECP-8301EP only)
▪ Supports UTP, Telephone (2 Pairs), 2-Wire cable communication
(Using BTE Series)
▪ Plug & Play
▪ Over Current Protection for safe power transmission.
▪ Surge Protection